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Our 40th annual Yankee Security Conference includes three days of seminars powered with excellent hands-on, technical training. Did you know that all of the Yankee Security Conference class instructors are experienced, accredited professionals who are highly regarded in the security industry? Their knowledge and experience aids in the advancement of locksmiths just entering the industry as well as well-seasoned security professionals. Several of our instructors hold multiple certifications. Some have written well-known books. Others write articles in our trade journals. Read more about this year's instructors by clicking on the link below.


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Wednesday, Oct.17



Fundamentals of Locksmithing 101

Instructor: Chris Chase

Cost: $525

In this 3-day course the student will be introduced to the most trusted and age-old trade in the world.  This is a beginner’s course that exhibits the various forms of security and services a locksmith provides.  Students will be introduced to the use of basic locksmithing tools and proper terminology.  There will be an overview and hands-on training in the areas of key duplication, picking and raking lock cylinders, key blank identification, fitting and impressioning keys, lockset functions, hardware finishes, keys by code, shimming cylinders, re-pinning a cylinder, master keying cylinders and safe combination changing.


At the conclusion of this 3-day program, the student will have participated in:

  • the use of the tools and equipment of the trade
  • the principles of lock construction
  • identifying common key blanks
  • disassembling, rekeying, and reassembling a variety of locksets
  • hand filing a key
  • the techniques used in picking
  • basic lock bypass techniques
  • duplicating and cutting keys by code
  • Life Safety Codes and how they apply to locksmithing
  • the basic principles of master keying


Basic Electricity, SMART Switch Wiring and Troubleshooting

Instructor: Rodger Schmidt

Cost: $100

This basic level course includes hands-on training with circuits, switches and locks.  Areas discussed will cover:

  • Voltage, amperage and resistance
  • Alternate vs. direct current
  • Development of direct current
  • Different types of switches, circuits and electronic locks
  • Open and closed circuit wiring and testing
  • Hands-on use of a multimeter to test voltage, amperage and resistance
  • Developing and testing the relays and circuits of SMART switches
  • Power-up and testing of a power supply
  • Reading a point-to-point drawing and identifying the components


There will be a hands-on team project at the end of the day to reinforce the understanding of using a multimeter for troubleshooting.

Von Duprin Mechanical and Electrified Exit Devices

Instructors: Don Cherry/Steve Monroe/Rich Conroy

Cost: $100

Von Duprin created the first exit devices and continues to lead the market with innovations and features.  We will review the applications and options available to provide the functions your clients need for both safety and security.  We will discuss how to service both mechanical and electrified devices, with hands-on sessions.  A  full review of the Von Duprin power supply platform will be conducted.  Wiring schemes and switch configurations will be reviewed to help you learn recommended best practices.

Safe Deposit Lock Servicing

Instructor: Ryan Taylor

Cost: $175

Safe deposit lock servicing can be a highly lucrative skill for locksmiths and security professionals.  This hands-on class covers terminology, identification, servicing, and opening methods for popular safe deposit locks from S&G, Mosler, Diebold and BlueGrass Locks.

Modern Automotive Key Generation

Instructor: Ed Woods

Cost: $175

This class is for the student who needs to make a mechanical key that will be the platform for programming a transponder key.  Code breakers and MASTAF are great when they work, but knowing how to make the keys from scratch in a timely manner is best.  Knowledge of which tools and techniques work best for each manufacturer will be demonstrated.  In the afternoon portion of the class we will be using the latest tools by Lishi, A-1, E-Z reader, Accureader, and HPC to pick and decode automotive locks.

Master Keying of Pin Tumbler Locks

Instructor: Tony West

Cost: $135

This 1-day class is for both the new security professional as well as a refresher for experienced pro.  We will cover the need for physical security in our electronic world by reviewing terms and descriptions, key identification and specifications and how different cylinder types work.  We will explore the methods and formats of master keying, breaking systems into usable sizes, charting for error-proof system designs, reversing the keying process, along with reading and following floor plans.  Each student will leave the class with a textbook and several blank sheets for field use.



Dexter Line Review

Instructors: Don Cherry/Steve Monroe/Rich Conroy

Allegion has relaunched the Dexter brand as a commercial hardware platform. Grade 1 and Grade 2 Exit Devices, Locksets and Auxiliary Locks and Door Closers give a professional locksmith a great offering that blends quality and value for their cost-conscious clients. We will review the features and benefits of the complete line of Dexter products, with sales and marketing materials and samples.

Intercom and Security Entry Solutions to the Locksmith and Security Trade

Instructor: Mike Streeter

We will have a broad discussion on the past, present and future of intercom technology.  Our focus will be on how intercoms add security and convenience when they are installed in residential, commercial, municipal and educational properties.  Aiphone, a 70 year manufacturer with US presence for almost 50 years, has been on the forefront of technology and innovation every step of the way.

Meet Borg Lock

Instructor: Joey Dalessio

Hands-on training on the latest mechanical push button lock technology from Borg Locks.  You can change the code without opening the door.  No more screws and springs to explode out of position in your van or on the job site. Locks for wood and metal cabinets, doors, gates, and aluminum narrow stile doors will be demonstrated.  A complete product line hands-on review will be featured.


Thursday, Oct.18



Access Control Circuits, Diagrams, Power Supplies and Projects

Instructor: Rodger Schmidt

Cost: $100

This is a continuation of the Wednesday class Basic Electricity.  In this session, we go deeper into the development of electrical access control circuits.  We start developing wiring diagrams, draw a circuit, and discuss the steps to follow in this process.  We then work on fun projects, with an estimated five hours of hands-on instruction.  The projects include:

  1. Hands-on creation of circuits – attendee will learn how to draw an access control DC electric circuit and create narratives of operation
  2. Different types of power supplies – linear vs. switching
  3. Different types of distribution boards – four outputs, vs. 8 outputs, relays


Project 1 - teams will follow a medium-level wiring system diagram and wire a man-trap.

Projects 2 and 3 - teams will build two separate projects with more advanced drawings.  The projects include installations commonly found in the field that utilize security consoles, for example:

  • secure front door of a convenience store – allows for lockdown after hours
  • marijuana dispensary access system – security regulated by a state agency
  • secure corridor passage access system – hospital ER passageway

Electrified Hardware for Basic and Advanced Access Control Applications

Instructors: Don Cherry/Steve Monroe/Rich Conroy

Cost: $100

Allegion offers a wide array of electronic and electrified products, but which ones are best for you and your customers?  Lots of factors can affect the decision to use a specific product.  We will take a deep dive into functions, costs, aesthetics, installations and the code implications of hardware, including electric strikes, delayed egress products, and electronic locks.


Whether you are installing a complete solution including locking hardware, switches, controls and power supplies that are right for your client’s needs or preparing “target hardware” for an access control integrator, providing the right solution is a must for today’s locksmith.  With each product type reviewed, we will look at the pros, the cons, and codes so that you can have a high comfort level with what best fits each application.

Transponders from A to Z

Instructor: Ed Woods

Cost: $175

This class will cover onboard programming, cloning, multi-vehicle programmers, and dedicated programmers.  We will present an overview and discuss the latest tools and equipment for foreign and domestic markets.  Tools, blanks, and techniques are changing at an astounding rate, and the instructor will supply students with the latest information available for transponder key generation.  Due to the vast amount of information that will be covered in this class, there will be no hands-on programming of keys. There will be a discussion on rechipping and virginizing (unlocking) of previously programmed keys.

Trilogy Installation/Repair and Networx Overview

Instructor: Andy Phelps

Cost: $100

This class is designed for technicians of all levels.  We will cover the proper installation techniques and some tricks for an easier installation.  We will demonstrate how to repair the Alarm Lock Trilogy mortise and cylindrical locks.  Discussion will include determining what parts are replaceable, how to correctly remove and replace those parts, and tips on how to make the repair process easier.  Also covered will be the T2 and T3 Trilogy lock basic keypad programming commands, and some of the more complex commands of the T3 locks.


Parts of this class are hands on, and will cover all aspects of DL Windows Software programming, including setting up a system with users, time zones, schedules and running an audit trail for Networx products. The student will use their laptop to send/receive programming to Networx products.  We will demonstrate the Networx - Global Emergency feature to issue a “Lockdown” command to all locks within the system from the PC and/or from any lock within the system, as if there was an emergency situation.


**Attendee Requirements**

It is mandatory that students bring their laptops to class.  We will upload software and follow step-by-step programming instructions.  The student’s laptop MUST be fully updated with all current Windows OS and security updates prior to coming to this class.

Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing

Instructors: Scott Said

Cost: $225

This class will cover the S&G 6730 and the Lagard 3330 series safe locks.  We will discuss proper terminology, combination changing, wheel counting, contact points, dialing diagnostics, lubrication, and proper drill points of each lock.  Students will then have the opportunity to disassemble and discuss the parts.  These are the two most popular locks in use today.  Each student will leave the class with a new, mounted Lagard 3330 cut-a-way.


Schlage Electronics – Engage Platform Review

Instructors: Don Cherry/Steve Monroe/Rich Conroy

The Schlage Electronic Engage platform includes the NDE and LE locksets, the CTE Controller and the Engage App - a free programming platform with a very robust feature set.  Today’s professional locksmiths are on the forefront of requests for solid but simplified access control for a manageable cost.  The Schlage Engage platform allows you to fill those demands while taking advantage of the skills you and your technicians use every day.

Medeco E-Cylinders Certification

Instructor: Clyde T. Roberson

This seminar will present the innovative Medeco Intelligent Key (eCylinder) lineup of products, software and services.  We will cover advantages over purely mechanical cylinders, features, benefits, capabilities, systems and setup requirements, ordering, installation, applications, reporting, as well as sales arguments for each of Medeco’s Intelligent Key Systems, Medeco CLIQ and Medeco XT. Topics will include Medeco hosted vs. self-hosted environments, standalone software, and an overview of the retrofit and peripheral devices that can be used with each system. Enhanced tools of the software (Bluetooth keys, Remote PD’s, Cylinder Groups, etc) will also be covered.  In addition, the class will introduce the brand new Medeco CLIQ Go program that allows locksmiths to stock unprogrammed Intelligent Keys and cylinders locally and in your dealer keyway(s), for quick turnaround on small jobs and systems.  All students will receive a Medeco factory certificate of attendance for participation.

How Can Command Help With Your Electrified Hardware Headaches?

Instructor: Mateo Kristoff

The class instructor will demonstrate how to transform existing mechanical hardware openings to an access control opening with electronic transfer hinges and loops, and latch pullback exit devices.  We will connect loads to power supplies, use an electric meter and Moltex solutions. Learn how to field-install exit device latch pullback kits for several manufacturers.  Command Access products, including electrified options for mortise and cylindrical locks, switches and low power emitting devices for fail safe locks will be exhibited.


Friday, Oct. 19



Hi-Security Automotive

Instructor: Ed Woods

Cost: $175

This class is a joint venture with Strattec (Jeff Baker) and Ed Woods.  The class begins with a presentation on the history of Hi-Security and the 8 styles, including the evolution to what is used in today’s GM, Ford, Chrysler and foreign auto manufacturer’s vehicles.  Students will perform pinning exercises, where they will receive Lock Service Packages for Hi-Security locks which they will assemble into fully functioning locks. Once students understand the inner workings of the locks, they will practice with the tools used to pick and decode them.  Lishi and Accureader tools will be used in the afternoon practice session.

Medeco 3 and Medeco x4 Dual Certification

Instructor: Clyde T. Roberson

Cost: $100

This is a combined and accelerated factory certification class for two Medeco technologies - Medeco 3 High Security Cylinder system and Medeco x4 SFIC, LFIC and rekey control retrofit cylinders. The course covers the design and operation of Medeco technologies, cylinders, interchangeable cores, cam locks and other Medeco speciality cylinders.  Hands-on exercises will be used to disassemble a cylinder, decode keys, write pinning sheets, pin cylinders, and fully combinate an x4 SFIC.  Medeco master key principles, servicing techniques and tools, key cutting, and an overview of Medeco’s full product line and key control solutions will be covered. Time will be available at the conclusion of the class to take the factory certification exams to become Medeco factory certified in both technologies.

Electronic Locking Hardware Codes and Site Surveys / Electric Strike Application and Installs – It Is Your Business on the Line

Instructor: Rodger Schmidt

Cost: $100

This class is two-fold. The morning portion will cover Electronic Locking Hardware Codes which will be tailored to the New England states.  It will help to answer the big question: “What do I need to know when conducting a Site Survey?”  Instructors will discuss codes, customer needs and what is around the door – the working environment of each access control point.  Code areas to be covered include: Delayed Egress, Controlled Egress, Elevator Lobbies, Stairwells, Maglocks and NFPA 80-Fire Rated Assemblies.  We will also discuss critical items for a proper Site Survey – what items you need to qualify and track throughout a project to ensure you are profitable at the end of the project and you get a future return call for more work. Each person will receive our newest Site Survey Tools to be used when walking a site.


The afternoon portion will cover Electronic Strike Application and Installation standards.  We will review NFPA 80 for fire rated assemblies and discuss the do’s and don’ts of working with a fire rated assembly.  We will discuss strikes as a product and how to determine which strikes work with different types of locks: cylindrical, mortise with or without a deadbolt, store fronts and rim exit devices.  We will have an opportunity to watch and perform a hands-on cut-in and you will receive samples of cut-in templates and frames to practice with.  You will also receive the new Site Survey Strike Selector for use during surveys.

Sales Training, Marketing and Business Generation Ideas for Your Lock and Security Business

Instructor: Joey Dalessio

Cost: $100

Today your competition may not be the business across town.  There are scammers, internet sellers and entities not in the lock and security channel that you are competing with.   Are you well equipped to compete?  Want to dominate?  If you are concerned and wondering what to do – attend this class. You will definitely walk away with ideas, or with your own spontaneous thoughts on actions to take, inspired by what you hear.  Business owners can’t afford to just let business happen or live by word of mouth.  You must have the right strategy, tactics and operations plan, even if you are a single-person business.  This class is a one-day event with a proven successful business catalyst. It will energize you.

Electronic Safe Lock Troubleshooting

Instructor: Ryan Taylor

Cost: $175

Electronic safe locks have become more common on residential, commercial and banking safes.  This hands-on class features identification, programming and servicing methods for popular electronic safe locks from LaGard, S&G, and SecuRam.  Students will be working on mounted locks in class and get hands-on training with the latest service tools.



Instructor: Joey Dalessio

Hands-on training on the extremely versatile SmartLocks by KEYINCODE.

  • Easy to use, easy to program
  • Retrofit or new installations
  • KCI Bluetooth and WiFi controlled locks

You can assign up to 850 users, have real time audit, and activate many features to control doors by a free phone app.  Just hearing about the various existing and potential applications will make this class worth your time.  As a bonus, see the KEYINCODE ANSI BHMA UL Grade 1 Exit Hardware line.  The quality will surprise you, the price will blow your mind.

The Diagnostic Box

Instructor: Tom Tusing

The Diagnostic Box will cover the tools used to diagnose the major elements in the vehicle security system.   This includes the tools for testing the transponder keys, ignition transceivers, prox systems, RF signals, key programming and more. This class will help the locksmith diagnose a customer’s vehicle locking system with more knowledge than they had before.  The automotive locksmith will be prepared to handle the different scenarios that, at times, prohibit key or prox programming.

KABA Access – Eplex and Keyscan Wireless Lock Technology

Instructor: Mark Szczepanski

This session will be a review of the dormakaba EAD products related to access control solutions.  The products will range from standalone electronic locks, software based platforms, wireless locks and hardwired systems.  Programming of Eplex locks in stand alone and software mode will be reviewed.  The advantages of a wireless system and how the system operates and functions will be explained.  The Aurora software for both hardwired and wireless locks will be demonstrated to show its application in several project types.

Ditec HA-8 Low Energy Operator Product Training

Instructor: Liam Lehn

This training session will cover an overview of the Entrematic company, how it started, its involvement with ASSA ABLOY and the present day company configuration.  We will cover the Ditec HA-8 Low Profile Operator and the HA-8 Standard operator.  Topics include features and benefits, versatility options, handed operator, product comparisons and applications.  The Ditec EZ36 Kit overview will be discussed, including the non-handed operator, the BEA 900 mhz Wireless Push Plate kit, the choice of arms and choice of finishes.  We will demonstrate how to install the unit from back plate thru handing, arm placement, powering up the unit and the control board, and activation.  ANSI 156.19 Compliance of the Ditec HA8 Operators will also be covered in depth.


Saturday, Oct. 20


CODES ?!!?  AGAIN??  YES!!

Instructors: Don Cherry/Steve Monroe/Rich Conroy

Every single opening the professional locksmith touches is affected by codes.  These codes have changed significantly over the past few years and we will cover the “Big Three” - FIRE, LIFE SAFETY and ADA.  With ever-expanding calls for our services and expertise in areas like School Security and Environment of Care, it’s critical to be aware of what these changes mean for our industry and for our end users.  Our topics will include: school security, with a look at barricade devices with emphasis on recent fire marshall guidelines, working with building officials, delayed egress/ special locking arrangements, basic ADA requirements for swinging pedestrian doors, controlled egress in groups I1 & I2, exit device requirements, fire door assembly inspections, and ANSI 156.19 updates (power assist and low power operated doors).  We will have code reference resources available for all attendees.


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